Brand Culture

Brand Culture

Strong cultures set great brands apart from good ones. In organizations with successful brands, everyone, in every function, is an advocate for the brand. The culture aligns your people around a unifying mission. Having a mission helps employees feel they are contributing to something greater. They are inspired to create meaningful relationships with your customers and experiences that customers will remember.

We can help you:

  • Define the brand’s higher purpose, building from your positioning
  • Define a set of cultural values
  • Develop a roadmap for translating the positioning and values into customer facing behaviors, hiring philosophies, and ongoing employee engagement efforts

Case Study


The Challenge

Having identified a new customer segment to target and having developed a new positioning, this hotel brand needed to create the right culture for its initiatives to succeed.

How could the hotel shape its culture among both its corporate and hotel-level employees to embody the new brand positioning—and to guide them in serving customers and in hiring and developing talent?

The Solution

Developed a comprehensive strategy that included fundamental elements to pull through the culture:

  • A mission that inspired the employees
  • Core service values
  • Signatures that would define the service
  • A hiring philosophy and best practices
  • Guidelines for employee language and behavior
  • Guidelines for developing leaders
  • Measurement tools and systems