Laura Bates interviewed in The Washington Post regarding the Trump Hotels brand

The Washington Post recently interviewed me regarding my thoughts on the Trump Hotels brand.

One of the points that wasn’t highlighted in this article, but is very relevant, is the reason for the business declines that Trump Hotels experienced during the election cycle. In the luxury space, the brand a guest chooses becomes a reflection of who they are and their values. It’s a “badge”, if you will. The wealthier, big city, intelligentsia, who would normally be customers of Trump Hotels, are not the people who voted him into office. Most of them have vastly different beliefs systems from Trump. Thus, they do not want to wear his “badge”…a badge that is emblematic of the polarizing things he said and did on the public stage in the past year. Time will tell what the Trump Presidency will do to the Trump brand. Presidents typically have lower approval ratings upon leaving office than when they are inaugurated. There is not a lot to suggest the trend will be different this time around. And so, as Trump’s approval ratings go, so may go the Trump brand.

Here is a link to Mike Rosenberg’s article in The Washington Post

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